Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ).

1. What do I need to create a website?

To create a website, you will need a few basic things:

  • domain (address/name of your website, e.g.
  • web hosting (place/space on the servers where you will host your website)

We will provide both of these services for you. system (Wordpress, Woocommerce, Prestashop, NWS).

2. How much does it cost to create a website?

The price of creating a website can vary greatly and depends on several factors (scope, complexity, web design, functionality, custom solutions, etc...).

The price of creating a website can i.e. starting from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros:

  • one-page website from 500 euros
  • website with sub-pages from 1,200 euros
  • simple e-shop with a template design from 700 euros
  • customized e-shop according to the client's wishes from 2,400 euros

3. How long does it take to create a website or online store?

It is very individual. It depends on several factors.

  • On the complexity of the project
  • The speed of your feedback

Less demanding projects are programmed within 1-3 weeks by default. For more demanding projects, it is 6-8 weeks.

4. Can I manage the website content myself?

Yes, you can edit the content yourself at any time. Every website from us has a customized interface for the customer to easily manage the content. We will provide you with free training so that you can fully manage the site wherever you are. In the event that you do not have know how to advise, you can contact us at any time by phone, via technical support or come to us in person.

5. Who will take care of the technical operation of the website?

We - the entire team of NEONUS, s.r.o. We carry out regular system updates, take care of website security and provide technical support to every client.